JKIS 2016 Wk6 – Love Life


JKIS 2016 Week 6 – Love Life (by Gina Ahrens)
This week Gina was inspired by the idea that we cannot truly love life if we do not first love ourselves, so she created a girl that speaks to that through the flaws in her face to the journaling in her crazy hair. In the lesson she walks you through the steps she took to create this weeks art journal page, including a basic face sketching lesson, mixing fleshtones in watercolor, layering over watercolor and making your own collage papers. She also explores the idea of loving ourselves and all parts of us….along with loving the life we are living.
Don’t forget, we welcome your questions and we’re here to help you…just post questions here or email your instructor. If you haven’t signed up for JKIS yet, it’s not to late to join in on all the fun and great instruction we have in store for you this year!
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JKIS2016 wk6 Love Life Gina

JKIS 2016 Week 5 – Emotions


JKIS 2016 Week 5 – Emotions (by Peta)
Can you believe we are already at the end of January??? This month has flown by and we are already in week five of JKIS. This month we’ve had a beginner lesson, three in-depth lessons, and this week we’re having our first mini lesson. We will be throwing these in about once a month to give us the opportunity to bring some different types of projects to you, as well as give those of you who need to catch up on previous lessons time to do that. In this week’s mini lesson, Peta has a chat with you about maintaining a ‘feelings journal’ and shares a bit of her art therapy wisdom. Then there is a video of her creating one of her fifteen minute feelings pages to help encourage you on your path to maintaining a feelings journal without all the pressure to create beautiful, complicated or perfect pages. If you haven’t signed up for JKIS yet, it’s not to late to join in on all the fun and great instruction we have in store for you this year!
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JKIS2016 Wk5 emotions Peta

JKIS 2016 Week 4 – Reflection


JKIS 2016 Week 4 – Reflection (by Claudia)
Often in January I find myself reflecting on the previous year. I spend time thinking about changes in our family, things that went well and things that maybe didn’t go quite as planned. All these things help me to grow as a person and an artist, so I like to spend time reflecting on them. My journal page takes this a bit literally but includes some private journaling on my reflections in the back of the girls hair. If you haven’t signed up for JKIS yet, it’s not to late to join in on all the fun and great instruction we have in store for you this year!
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JKIS2016 Wk4 Reflection CR

JKIS 2016 Week 3 – Dreams

IMG_2695 copy 3
JKIS 2016 Week 3 – Dreams (by Peta)
This week’s lesson by Peta is super exciting! She’ll show you how to incorporate a self portrait made easier by using a paint-over-collage technique. She’ll encourage you to be real and accepting of yourself and document this point in your life in beautiful shades of blue and naples yellow using both paints and pastels. If you haven’t signed up for JKIS yet, it’s not to late to join in on all the fun and great instruction we have in store for you this year!
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wk3 dreams

JKIS 2016 Week 2 – Refresh

JKIS 2016 Week 2 – Refresh (by Gina)
Ok, I absolutely love Gina’s page for this week’s prompt…not only the beautiful journal page, but the whole idea behind it. She was inspired by the idea of refreshing her creative soul….the creative light or spark for this page. She wanted to create a figure representing her holding her arms up and wide open accepting the refreshing new light of the new year. For the teaching part, there is a basic sketching lesson and flesh tone paint mixing instruction. If you haven’t signed up for JKIS yet, it’s not to late to join in on all the fun and great instruction we have in store for you this year!
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JKIS 2016 Week 1 – Resolutions

IMG_2695 copy 3

JKIS 2016 Week 1 – Resolutions (Claudia)
Hooray it’s the first week of JKIS 2016! I’m so excited about what’s coming up this year…and our first month has five weeks! I wanted to create a simple page that focuses on our intentions for the year. Basically a reminder each time we open our art journals about the things we are holding most important for the year. I felt this was a great way to start off the year and get us ready to really dig in and create awesome art together every week. If you haven’t signed up for JKIS 2016 yet, make sure you head on over and get started with us right from the beginning.
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JKIS Wk1 Resolutions CR

Nov Week 5 Prompt – Let’s Be Thankful

IMG_2695 copy 3

Nov Week 5 – Let’s Be Thankful
This week marks the final art journaling lesson for JKIS 2015. There are still binding videos to come, which are super interesting, but today marks our last prompt. Because I was recording this around my Thanksgiving holiday, we called the prompt Let’s Be Thankful. As part of my wanting to thank everyone who has been a part of JKIS this year, I created my ‘journal page’ on a mixed media board and will be having an impromptu drawing to pick someone to send this piece of original artwork. Yup, anyone who is a part of JKIS right now is in the drawing. I have had such an amazing time this year and can’t wait to move forward into 2016 with all new content! I hope to see all of you there. If you want to be a part of JKIS 2016, sign up here: http://krazyisland.thinkific.com/courses/JKIS2016.

Registration is Open for JKIS 2016

IMG_2695 copy 3

Journaling Krazy Island Style 2016 Registration is now open! And this year we’ve lowered the price!

Make sure you keep reading through the end so you find out all about the FREE STUFF we’re offering.

headshot1 Gina Ahrens        bw headshot-2 Peta Thompson         IMG_2005 - Version 2 Claudia Rossi

Exactly what is Journaling Krazy Island Style? Well first, it is an art journal prompt that you will be given weekly that you can then interpret in your own unique way in your art journal. In addition to the prompts, you will receive video lessons taught by one of these artists: Claudia Rossi, Gina Ahrens, Peta Thompson, or a special guest artist showcasing our take on the prompt for that week. We will show you start-to-finish how we create our journal pages. You can then create your own interpretation of the page or copy it exactly. We work hard to make sure JKIS will be fun and informative to those at all stages of their artistic journeys. We provide a list of suggested materials to have on hand when starting the course, but don’t worry if you don’t have every single product. We will suggest substitutions as often as we can and as always we encourage you to “use what you have”.

Sample journal pages from Peta 2015…

julywk2 peta chains sep wk2 peta whimsy  maywk4 peta no brushes  sepwk3peta mermaid

You will learn how to use different mediums like watercolor, markers, water-soluble crayons and pencils, stamps, acrylics, inks, sprays and more. We will show you techniques that you can use to create pages just like ours plus build upon them to grow in your art making adventure. Each of us will be working in a different type of journal, and we’ll be throwing in some extras each month to keep things interesting. This might include some PDFs to download, print, and use in your art journal, some tips and techniques you may not have tried before, or even bonus videos!

Sample journal pages from Gina 2015…

jkis-2015-sept-wk2-gina-dylusions-whimsical beings  jkis-2015-aug-wk4-gina dylusions-finition le visage jkis 2015 July wk3 Ginas Dylusions down by the sea jkis-2015-sept-wk3-gina-dylusions-mermaid

You will receive at least three video lessons a month with possible articles, discussions, interviews or other artsy goodness thrown into the mix. Either way, there will something new each week (for 50 weeks!) that will keep you inspired and ready to work in your art journal. As in previous years, December will include binding videos and a couple of rest weeks as it is a very busy time of year and some of us need to catch up. As a bonus, you will receive the Le Visage course for free! This is our faces-three-ways series that was part of JKIS 2015. You will also receive the Mixed Media Reference Book course for free as we feel this is a very important tool for you to have in your artsy arsenal. This is the same course given last year, and the binding lessons may be repeats from previous years of JKIS. However, all art journaling video lessons will be new lessons created just for you, no recycled lessons!

Sample journal pages from Claudia 2015…

Aug Wk4 Finition le Visage CR Aug wk2 learn your letters CR Sept Wk1 Charcoal CR Sept Wk4 Checkers CR

JKIS (Journaling Krazy Island Style) will start on January 3rd, but you can register now to start accessing all the free content! With the paid in full option, you will have the ability to pay in full for the whole year for only $125. That’s a HUGE $103 savings over the subscription plan, and with the free bonus courses you’ll receive as our thanks to you, there’s $153 in total savings! Another huge added bonus is the ability to download the lessons and keep them FOREVER!

As a thank you to all paid in full members, you will also receive a free coupon for our Mixed Media Reference Book course (a $25 value), as well as a free coupon for our new, exciting Le Visage course (a $25 value). This course showcases three ways to create faces and includes lessons from Claudia, Gina and Peta. Both the Mixed Media Reference Book course and the Le Visage course are available as stand alone courses that you can purchase separately.

20% off special for all returning students! Anyone who has ever taken JKIS in the past will be receiving an email with special pricing just for you! Keep an eye out for it, and if you don’t receive it in the next couple of days, please let me know at krazyislandstudios@gmail.com.


The subscription plan will still be available at $19/month. As a thank you to all new and current subscribers who sign up at KIU, I will be giving you a free coupon for the Le Visage course (a $25 value). This course will be downloadable so you can access and keep it forever! In the subscription option, videos will be available for viewing on the site during the month they post and for two additional months afterward. This means a video that posts in January will only be available for viewing through the end of March. This is to help protect our faithful subscribers and keep someone from joining late in the year and getting all the same content that regular subscribers have paid for every month.

This year we have guest instructors! IMG_4043Kelly Donovan         NEW-ME-PICMike Deakin

We are super excited to have the amazing Kelly Donovan and very talented Mike Deakin as our guest instructors. They will be bringing you a bit of their own style and challenge you to stretch your creative muscles.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.54.18 PM

JKIS has its own Facebook group! Yep, that’s right…the JKIS Facebook group is only available to members of JKIS and is a fantastic place where you can not only post photos of your completed pages, but contact your instructors and receive help along the way. In this private group you can ask detailed questions and even get help on works-in-progress. Another feature available on all of our courses at KIU is the discussions area. This is a place right within each course that you can contact your instructors, ask questions and get answers quickly. We’re so excited to offer both these options to reach us and we can’t wait to get more involved with each of our students and help you on your journey!

I’ve saved the best for last…FREE STUFF!!! We are offering each of you (and any of your friends) who checks out JKIS 2016, access to not one, not even two, but THREE FREE LESSONS!!! That’s right…we want you to get as excited about JKIS 2016 as we are, so we’re going to let you check it out for free! You’ll have free access to a lesson by each of the JKIS instructors. To access the free lessons, just head on over to JKIS 2016 and sign up for the free trial.

Feb wk 1 ClaudiaClaudia     jkis 2015 may wk1 ginas dylusionsGina       aprwk2peta treeoflifePeta

This is just a taste of what you’ll get in JKIS 2016. These are lessons pulled from JKIS 2015. Hurry on over and check them out now! 


Nov Week2 Prompt – Nature Inspired

IMG_2695 copy 3

Nov Week 2 – Nature Inspired
This week we want you to create something inspired by nature. For some of you, like me, it might be easy to walk outside and be inspired by greenery and flowers and clear blue skies. I actually pulled leaves from some of my yard plants to put directly on my page. Others, like Gina and Peta, may have to see the beauty in dead or dying foliage and fall colors. Whatever the season, go outside this week and find inspiration in nature. Collect some specimens, paint the leafless tree in your yard or the sky, whether blue or grey…find the beauty in whatever you find.
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Claudia Rossi   Nov Wk2 Nature Insp CR

Gina Ahrensjkis-nov 2015-wk 2-nature inspired-ginas dylusions  jkis-nov 2015-wk 2-nature Inspired-ginas icad

Peta Thompson   nov wk2 peta nature inspired

Nov Week 1 Prompt – Pay it Forward

IMG_2695 copy 3

Nov Week 1 – Pay it Forward (read to the bottom for video link)
This week we want to encourage you to be a blessing to others with your art. We hopefully have all been touched by someone who has done something unexpectedly kind or generous. This week, let’s pay it forward! We have decided to include Krazy Island Family members in our Pay it Forward plans. We have each created some hand-painted postcards that we will be sending to random KIF and JKIS members this week. If you are not a KIF member, you can join us here Krazy Island Family. For our journal pages, Peta and Gina have both incorporated happy mail they have received, and I made a page that started from excess paint from creating my postcards. Hopefully this week you can find time to create something or put together a few RAK’s (random acts of kindness) to send to other members or friends or family. Peta has created a video explaining all about it that she has uploaded directly to the group page. Below is a link where you can access it directly. I hope many of you will join us this week in doing something to pay it forward. Oh, and if you haven’t already, please make sure your current address is in the proper happy mail list in the Files tab at the top of the KIF page. We have one for US and another for International members. Have a great week!

Video link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gso8kxj1wp1kldt/payitforward%20promo.mp4?dl=0.

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Peta Thompson  novwk1 peta pay it forward  novwk1 peta postcard

Gina Ahrens  jkis-nov 2015-wk 1-pay it forward-ginas dylusions  jkis-nov 2015-wk 1-pay it forward-ginas icad

Claudia Rossi  Nov Wk1 Pay it Forward CR    Nov Wk1 Postcards CR